A Christmas Carol... More or Less

dancing duo

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Book by Mary Irey and Stefano LoVerso

Dec 1-3, 8-10, 14-17
Rated PG*
(Please see below for more on this rating)

It’s a classic tale with a small twist… thus the “more or less” part of the story!  Sarah and Charlie, a married couple, run a small theatre that's presenting A Christmas Carol.  The cast however, cannot get to the theatre due to a snowstorm, and the two of them must present the multiple cast play entirely on their own.  Hilarity ensues, and their own lives are seamlessly intertwined with Charles Dicken’s holiday classic reminding us that the “Bah-Humbug” part of the Christmas season is easily remedied with humor and compassion. 


Enjoy complimentary wine and beer at the show!
Featuring Trey and Laura Smith
Directed by Suzy Roberts





* What does PG mean?  Well... in Be Theatre language it means this show isn't for small babies or very young children.  Babies and toddlers will get fidgety or fussy, we guarantee it.   We feel pretty good about knowing how kids respond to theatre (we've taught a few hundred) and we suggest ages 8 and up for this performance.  Hey... you know your child best, so while considering if you'd like to bring them, factor in that it has mature content about ooey-gooey complicated stuff like adult relationships as well as a few scary moments (Hello...Ghost of Christmas Past!) Plus it's longer than the average attention span of a 6-year-old. (It may be longer than the attention span of your husband but he's a big boy so he can handle it.) So use your best judgment and get a sitter if you have any hesitation about bringing your child to the theatre.  

If you do bring your little one and they get fussy, we ask you step out of the theatre until they are calm. 

P.S. Babysitters are super excited to make money this time of year.