All Auditions (unless noted) are at Be Theatre, 82 Gillis Street. Please enter through the side door on 2nd Street. 

To be a prepared actor, please download and fill out the audition form located here.  

If you need an alternate audition date, please email us at to arrange a time prior to the actual audition date. Once auditions have taken place, we will not make special arrangements to accommodate late auditions. 

Chaos at the Cannery
Directed by: Sarah Negovetich
Music by: Dave Engelman
Stage Manager: Suzy Roberts

Melodrama auditions will be June 26 at 7:00pm 

Men and Women ages 16+
Auditions will consist of cold reads from the script and improvisation.  This is an audience interactive show that requires quick thinking, tolerance for popcorn being hurled at the cast, and sometimes a very lively and spirited audience!

Melodrama runs weekends AUG 3-19.  You must be available for every performance.  Rehearsals will begin soon after auditions.  Conflicts are acceptable if they are not excessive and do not fall over tech week and performances.  Please list EVERY conflict on your audition sheet and be prepared to speak directly to the stage manager at auditions. 

Character and show info: 

This is the story of a new Sheriff, a loyal family and a rowdy town. Mix in an ample amount of mayhem and mystery with a dash of scalawags and scoundrels, heroes, heroines, a stolen badge!


Dan Belford – The owner of the Cannery.  
Cora Belford – Dan’s Loving Wife and a Devoted Mother.
Felicity Belford – Heroine & Belford’s Eldest Daughter.
Nellie Belford – Belford’s Young Daughter.
Snake – The town’s new Sheriff swindled by The Professor on a train. (His given name is Mort but don’t call Snake that.)
Professor Phineas T. Mack – A Gambler, Con-Man, Scoundrel, and Villain impersonating as the town’s sheriff.
Des Berado – The Professor’s former shill and sidekick. Comic relief. Wants to “go straight” but the Professor has other plans.
Oliver Sudden – Handsome New Cannery Foreman singing and dancing his way into the hearts of San Juan and Felicity.
Drew Blood – A take charge Cannery Worker who figured he’d be foreman, so he has a score to settle with Oliver Sudden
Cody Pendant – Shy Cannery Worker. Sweet on Sue Fley.
Faye Tality – The notorious owner of the Paloma Linda “dance hall” & palmistry parlor formerly with Professor Inferno’s Circus.
Sue Fley – Paloma Linda “Dance Hall” Girl. Sweet on Cody Pendent. Vivaious and “how you say” new to English. Oui
Shirley Knott – Paloma Linda “Dance Hall” Girl.
April May – Paloma Linda “Dance Hall” Girl.
Paige Turner – Our Cue Card Maven helps the audience remember their part in the production by holding up cue cards such as “Hisss - Booo”, “Aaah” or even “Shameful Plug”. 

Owen Money – Cannery Worker
Percy Veer – Cannery Worker
Ellie Gant – Paloma Linda “Dance Hall” Girl
Betty Diddent – Paloma Linda “Dance Hall” Girl
Joanna Dance – Paloma Linda “Dance Hall” Girl
Holly Wood – Paloma Linda “Dance Hall” Girl
Alotta Fun – Paloma Linda “Dance Hall” Girl

September 21 promptly at 7:00pm (please arrive 15 minutes early)

This is a 1 DAY COMMITMENT!  If you are too busy to commit to an entire show due to long rehearsal schedules and long run dates, this is the show for you.  To read more about it, please click the title above. 

Men and women ages 16 + 
Reads from existing scripts and improvisation will be used for auditions. One of the 4 shows will be a musical.  If you are interested in being a part of the musical, please prepare 1 minute of music to sing.  

If cast, you will return to Be Theatre at 7am September 22 and rehearse for 12 hours with your team.  Performances are at 7:30pm and 9:30pm that evening.  

If you would like to know more about 24 Hour Theatre, we encourage you to attend our informative meeting and enjoy summer cocktails for happy hour at a date TBA soon! This will be a Q&A session where we can answer questions, not only for actors but for those who may wish to be involved in the technical side of things. We need 4 complete teams of writers/directors/set/props/costume and running crew.  

Directed by: Ella Burnett
Music Director: David Engelman
Choreography: Debbie Carter

Auditions are September 11 at 7:00pm.

Ages 18+
1 man and 1 woman to play age 22-35
1 man* and 1 woman to play age 40-60
*This role has been cast prior to auditions

Show is rated R

This is a musical that requires strong vocal performances from all 4 members of the cast.  Please prepare about 32 bars of a musical theatre song.  Sheet music is preferred but you can sing without music. All who audition should be prepared to sing scales with the music director to hear range.  No monologue preparation is needed as we will be cold reading from the script. 

Music/Choreography rehearsals begin the week of September 17th. Expect to rehearse most weekday evenings from 7-10pm.  Weekends are off except work days (which arevolunteer). The show opens November 2nd and runs weekends through December 2. No Thanksgiving show, but we are planning to run Thanksgiving weekend on Saturday and Sunday, so you'll need to be in town for these 2 performances.  More discussion about the schedule at auditions! 

Directed by Ashley Meyer

Auditions are Tuesday, November 27 at 7:00pm
Need 2 men and 4 women:
Must be 16+ to audition
Character Breakdown:
Vanya – 50s, living in Bucks County. Resigned to his life, more or less, at least compared to Sonia.
Sonia – His adopted sister, early 50s, living with him in Bucks County. Discontent, upset, regretful.
Masha – His sister, 50s, glamorous and successful actress who goes gallivanting around the world.
Spike – An aspiring actor, 29 or younger, sexy, self-absorbed, Masha’s new companion.
Nina – Lovely, sincere would be actress, early 20s, visiting her aunt and uncle next door. Star struck and energetic.
Cassandra – Cleaning lady and soothsayer, any age, any race.

Rehearsals begin December 3 but we will take Christmas Vacation through the holidays and return January 3.  Show runs weekends January 18-February 3.  More info about the rehearsal schedule will be available at auditions.  

The Broadway 2012 Revised Version 
Directed by Elena Kent
Music Direction by Dave Engelman

Auditions are Tuesday, January 22 at 7:00pm at Be Theatre
Please check back closer to audition date as we may have sign ups for vocal auditions.

We are seeking adults and youth for our cast.  
Youth must be in 5th grade or higher to attend open auditions. 

Prescreens for younger students:
Students ages 3rd-5th grade may request to audition if they have had prior stage experience in a major musical production. Scheduled times will be slated for these younger students, and they may be invited to attend the full audition. Prescreen auditions for these students will be Monday, January 21.  Please email AFTER January 3 to request a time.

In the newly revised Godspell, the music has a more modern flair and we update the traditional rainbow/clown feel for a more updated look in both costumes and set design.  Performed in the round, we will be producing a wildly creative and contemporary show unlike any Godspell production you may have seen or experienced!

Please prepare 32-64 bars of a musical theatre song, or a contemporary one that is comparable.  We prefer sheet music and will provide an accompanist.  You may sing without music, but expect to sing scales with the music director so we can hear range.

We will also have cold reads from the script as well as improvisation. 

Cast will be announced Thursday, January 24 with a cast/crew meeting that evening.  


We will have NO rehearsals during SAISD spring break (March 9-17)

We begin rehearasals immediately after cast meeting on weekdays from 7pm-10pm.  Please consider this prior to auditions, especially those who are younger students.  Not everyone will be called to each audition, and we are certainly willing to work around conflicts if they are listed on the audition sheet.  We will explain more about our rehearsal process at the auditions.

The performance dates are April 5-21. This special show will run idrectly over Easter weekend.  We will take Friday, April 19 (Good Friday) off, but will perform Saturday, April 20 at 7:30pm and Sunday, April 22 at 6pm. We are excited to share this special show with families during the Easter weekend!  

Directed by Benita Graham 

Auditions are January 29 at 7:00pm at Be Theatre

This year we return to the 'read aloud' format we used in 2018 for Where the Wild Things Are.  Audition are open to youth and adults ages 12 and up.  

NEED: Readers and players.  No preparation is needed!  We perform February 28-March 2 and you must be available for all of tech rehearsals as well as performances.  

For more information about this wondeful annual event, please visit the link provided above. 

Directed by Stoddard Owens 

Audition date and information about cast needs TBA