Dear Edwina, Jr.



by Marcy Heisler and Zina Goldrich

Youth Performance Workshop November 3,4,10-12

A heartwarming musical about the joys of growing up, from the creators of Junie B. Jones The Musical. The show's heroine is an advice-giver extraordinaire, like a spunky, singing version of Dear Abby.  Edwina Spoonapple would do just about anything to be a part of the Kalamazoo Advice-a-Palooza Festival. While her siblings both have proof of their accomplishments, poor Edwina has nothing. When a talent scout from the convention visits her hometown, she trots out her musical advice, giving shows live from the family garage in hopes of finding her place in the spotlight. She is assisted by her older siblings, quirky friends and neighbors. Together, they set out to tackle the world's problems in number after hysterical number about everything from birthday party etiquette to proper table settings.

Directed by Suzy Roberts
Music Direction by Jared Capps
Choreography by Elena Kent

15-20 Boys and Girls ages 8-18.  There are singing and non-singing roles.  

EDWINA SPOONAPPLE- The advice giving star of the show
JOE SPOONAPPLE- Edwina's older brother
KATIE SPOONAPPLE- Edwina's little sister
BECKY- her spunky cheerleader friend
KELLI- her fun loving ballet dancer & friend
SCOTT- neighbor and friend who is hopelessly in love with Edwina
BILLY-  nieghbor who is helpful and kind to everyone
ANNIE- a Girl Scout who plays by the rules
Also fun characters including: 
The Vanderploonk Triplets, Fairy Forkmother, Queen of Boola Boola, Vladimir, Farmer Jerry, Ziggy and the Band, Susie and the Napkins and many more! 

Ages 3rd-12th grade (2017-18 school year)
Workshop days: Mondays and Thursdays 5:30-7:30pm 
Tech Week October 30 (Halloween night off)
Show Dates: November 3,4, 10-13

Tuition: $300*
Can be paid in monthly installments or all at once.  (*5% off tuition if paid in full)
Scholarships:If cast, and you need financial assistance to be a part of the production, we do offer scholarships to those wanting to be a part fo this experience.  This can be discussed with staff after auditions. 

Audition information- Click here!

This workshop requires an audition on August 29.    Five performances for the public will be held at Be Theatre Nov 3-12. Please see our auditions page to read about the audition process.

Students are welcome to audition for the "Youth Performance Workshop" on Tuesday, August 29 at 6pm.  Between 15-20 students will be selected to participate in the YPW for fall 2017.  No experience is necessary.  This is the same format as past workshops ending with shows such as Robin Hood, Godspell, Pippi Longstocking and Grease.  Students will rehearse Mondays and Thursdays 5:30-7:30  with additional rehearsals scheduled for a few Saturdays as well as tech week (Oct 28-30 and Nov 1,2 with Halloween night off).

PLEASE NOTE: THERE IS MANDATORY PARENT/CAST MEETING THURSDAY, AUGUST 31 5:45-6:15pm at Be Theatre.  Students will stay until 7:30 for read through

Students MUST be able to come both Mondays and Thursdays.  If a sports schedule interferes for the beginning or end of the rehearsal time on a certain day, or school events conflict with certin rehearsal dates, we can work around it... but please let us know AT AUDITIONS if this is a conflict!   Also, be prepared to bring all conflicts to auditions so we have the information ahead of time.  Students are allowed 3 excused absences during the workshop.  

To see more details about the show and listen to music clips, click on the link provided below! The music clips are listed under the "songs" tab. Students do not need to sing a song from the show for auditions.  This is just to give everyone an idea of the "feel" of this fun and exciting show!