All Auditions (unless noted) are at Be Theatre, 82 Gillis Street. Please enter through the side door on 2nd Street. 

To be a prepared actor, please download and fill out the audition form located here.  

If you need an alternate audition date, please email us at to arrange a time prior to the actual audition date. Once auditions have taken place, we will not make special arrangements to accommodate late auditions. 


TUESDAY, JUNE 25 at 7:00pm
Ages 16+
By Elena Kent and Suzy Roberts
Music adapted by David Engelman 
Script advisory by Carson Kent

August 2,3,9,10,15-18
In the Black Box Theatre

This is our 7th season to produce the melodrama. A rollicking, fun filled performance opporunity complete with audience members throwing popcorn, booing, cheering and participating.  While we will have song parodies in the show, not everyone is required to sing... or needs to be able to sing well! Music parodies from artist such as ABBA, Fleetwood Mac, Paul Simon, Kenny Rogers and many more! But again, if you don't sing, don't despair, not every character is required to sing and it's an original show, so there is room for script rewrites with some of the musical numbers.

No preparation is needed! Come prepared to have fun! 

Rehearals will be every weeknight at 7pm. We will not have rehearsals on July 4.  Exceptions are made for conflicts, but you must list them at auditions and you must be available for the technical rehearsals July 28-August 1. 

The Beguiling Bootlegger is set in 1928 San Angelo, when prohibition was in full swing and Ms. Diamond had the best speakeasy in town. But with her alcohol supply dwindling due to the recent and mysterious incident with a cowboy hat, she is in dire need of a supplier.  Just when she thinks she will have to close the doors, Mack Aroni shows up with a plentiful supply of cheap whiskey and bathtub gin.  But it isn't all he wants... and his cousin E.Z. will stop at nothing to help him attain the one thing he wants most in the world.  

Character Breakdown

Diamond Sinlace- Female, 45-55. She is sexy, strong, confident and sassy. She owns the speakeasy and isn't scared of anyone or anything... except falling in love. 

Pearl Sinclace- Female, 22-27. Daughter and first born of Diamond. She is sweet, pretty and soft spoken. She is trying her best to fall love with Scar... if only he'd man up. 

Ruby Sinlace- Female, 18-25. Youngest daughter of Diamond; wise for her age, she is intelligent, beautiful and stubborn. She knows what she wants and what she wants is Ace. 

Mack Aroni- Male, 25-55. Bootlegging is only his side job.  He's acutally not Italian either (but masks himself to cover his true identity!) Mack offers cheap alcohol, but but the real reason he's come to town is because Diamond has something he wants.

Ezekiel Zacharis Mack Aroni- Male, 30-45. They call him E.Z.  He's smooth, handsome and the perfect sidekick to his cousin Mack. He uses his charm to get what he wants. 

Scar D. Katt- Male, 20-30. Bouncer of the speakeasy.  He looks the part, but he can never seem to follow through with actually throwing anyone out or maintaining peace inside the speakeasy. He's a big teddy bear and a bit of a wimp... until it counts. 

Ace O'Heart- Male, 25-35. Bartender and narrator of our story.  He sees his bar like a good woman...  often confusing the two and bluring the line between an imaginary woman and a real one (like Ruby.) 

Vin DeCation- Male, 35+. This "hard around the edges" detective has the most tragic backstory you've ever heard with piano underscoring to match.  He only drinks the hard stuff... virgin daiquiris.  The murderous con-man, Thaddeus, has eluded him for years and he wants to tell you about it. Over and over and over... 

Mr (or Ms.) Dennis (or Denise) Arrow: 30+. You can call him (or her) Den, the banker next door who takes care of Diamond's speakeasy money and keeps it "safe" while storing her liquor in the tunnels.  Not the brightest bulb in the bunch, but good intentions to help keep the speakeasy running as clean as possible. 

Virgil Oso- Male, 30-50. This is our resident painist who is eager to underscore every dramatic (or non-dramatic) moment. Sometimes too eager.

Missy Demeanor & Ginny Tonic- Females, 18-22.  They may sound dumb, act dumb and play dumb, but they're no dummies. Beautiful and young, these two villainess flappers are always in the shadow of Mack... but not for long.

Bossy Betty- Female, any age. She's a flapper who works behind the bar with Ace.  She prompts the audience with cue cards. Few speaking lines but one of our most important characters as she has the most interaction with the audience. Lot's of room for improv here! 

Famous Duos- Male or Female, 20+. These can be played by Males or Females, any age. Ranging from Bonnie & Clyde and Al Capone... to more local fame such as Tom Green, Miss Hattie and Chief Lone Wolf. You just never know who will show up and when. These two actors will portray at least 5-7 characters each. 

More 2019-20 audition information coming soon!