If you need an alternate audition date, please email us at to arrange a time prior to the actual audition date. Once auditions have taken place, we will not make special arrangements to accommodate late auditions. 


JANUARY 13-15, 2020
You may not be needed every day, please check schedule. 

This production is a partnership with Be Theatre and Ballet San Angelo (BSA).  Auditions will involve actors and dancers interested in speaking roles, singing roles and dance roles.  Please read audition information carefully, as each category may be a different audition process.  No roles have been cast prior to auditions.  There are roles available for actors who sing, singers who act, non-singing actors and dancers. 

All adults and youth actors ages 3rd grade and up 
BSA academy dancers in level 1 and up

SHOW DATES: APRIL 24-26, 2020

Elena Kent and Erin Lane, along with the Be Theatre and BSA organizations,  will be working closely to create a totally unique production unlike anything you’ve seen in San Angelo!

Wizard of Oz will be directed by Be Theatre Founder and Artistic Director Elena Kent, with music direction by David Engelman. Oz will feature a live orchestra with local musicians.  As director, Mrs. Kent will be working with actors and vocalists  with character development and bringing the conceptual design to life.

Artistic Director of Ballet San Angelo, Erin Lane, will be choreographing.  Large dance numbers will be performed by BSA academy dancers.  However, Ms. Lane is also choreographing featured actors in dances (scarecrow, tinman, etc) and all large dance numbers that will involve the entire cast.  Erin will be an intricate part of bringing the vision to life alongside Be Theatre and the entire Wizard of Oz creative team. 


Due to the unusual circumstance of blending two organizations together in one production, BSA academy dancers and the cast of Wizard of Oz will have very different rehearsal schedules.  While it is impossible to say exactly what the schedule is before casting, here is general information:

The ADULT cast of Oz can expect a traditional theatre rehearsal schedule from 7pm-10pm on week nights. Please note, when called, younger cast members in middle and elementary school will be released before 8:30pm until we get closer to pre-tech and tech week (April 13-13). Exceptions will be made for STARR testing days, and there are NO REHEARSALS on school holidays (MLK Day, Presidents weekend, Spring Break, Good Friday).

IMPORTANT TO KNOW AND CONSIDER: Because this show takes place in many locations featuring many supporting leads at different times, Rehearsals will not be nightly for everyone cast.  The schedule for called characters will be posted the week prior to rehearsals each week so you know when you are needed.  Of course, the role of Dorothy, Tinman, Scarecrow and Lion will be more intensive than the rest of the cast.  

If  an actor is cast as a featured dancer and is not a part of BSA Academy, they will have special rehearsals with Erin Lane scheduled accordingly.  An example of a featured actor who dances is the Scarecrow. 

Academy dancers  can expect a more traditional rehearsal schedule similar to Nutcracker with most rehearsals during the early evenings and Saturdays. Schedules will be posted on the BSA website the week prior to rehearsals


AFTER SPRING BREAK- Rehearsals will begin to be every evening for EVERYONE in the cast.  We will also start blending BSA and Be Theatre casts together. 

TBA with specific times but the dates are April 13-23


Monday, January 13
Dance | Movement
Everyone who wants to be a part of Wizard of Oz
Where? Ballet San Angelo Studio 1 at SAPAC

5:00 PM- Ballet San Angelo academy dancers (Anyone enrolled at BSA level 1 and up)
This audition will be for dancing roles in Wizard of Oz
and Batteries Not Included. (If you have questions about this, please contact BSA)

7:00 PM- Vocals for Lullaby league level 2.  (Dancers in level 2 who want to be considered for this role must sing for music director at this time. No preparation is needed but dancers must be comfortable singing.)

7:15 PM- Everyone! Movement/Dance auditions for everyone wanting to be a part of Wizard of Oz (not including the academy dancers who will have already audtioned at 5pm.)

Tuesday, January 14
Acting | Vocal Auditions 

Who? Everyone interested in featured roles*
Where?  SAPAC (exact space inside tba)

*If you are preparing a vocal audition, please be prepared with sheet music or to sing with no music.  Selections should be no more than about 1 minute in length (please do not sing the entire song or we are likely to cut you off due to time.)  Academy dancers ages high school and up who wish to be considered for supporting or lead acting roles need to attend. All other academy need not attend.

6:30-7:45 PM
— Vocal Auditions.  We will hear vocalists individually in a closed audition during the first hour.  Vocalists will audition in order of arrival if you can’t come right at 6:30, that’s okay!  Come as soon as possible.  

8:00 PM- Acting auditions. All vocalists will stay for this portion.   If you are interested in a role that does not feature singing, there are many featured roles in Wizard of Oz that  do not require singing.  Please come to this portion of the auditions to read for various roles in the script.  To see a complete list of roles scroll to the bottom of this page. 

Wednesday, January 15
Callbacks for actors

7:00 PM- A list of actors we would like to see again will be posted Tuesday night.  If your name is listed on the callback sheet, we would like to see you again on this date. 

Thursday, January 16
4:00 PM- Cast list Posted at and
7:00 PM- Mandatory parent meeting 

7:30-9:30PM- Cast read through for everyone cast (Students younger than high shcool may leave at 8:30).


This is a general idea of roles available

Featured Actors who will be required to sing (Adults and High School Students)
Dorothy- Female
Tinman- Any gender
Scarecrow- Any gender (must be comfortable solo dancing as well as singing)
Lion- Any gender
Glenda the Good Witch- Female

(Ages 3rd-8th grade featured singing roles)
Mayor of Munchkinland- any Gender
Lollipop Guild (4)— Any gender, age 8+
Lullaby League (4)- girls, age 8+

Featured Actors with no singing required
Wicked Witch of the West- Female, Age 25+ (We are willing to “gender bend” with this one!)
Auntie Em- Female, Age 35+
Uncle Henry/Emerald City Guard- Male, Age 35+
Professor Marvel/Wizard of Oz- Any gender, age 25+
Winkie General- Any gender, age 14+
Nikko (Lead flying monkey)- Any gender, Age 8+
Toto- K9 breed… yes we are using a real dog! Separate auditions TBA!

Dancers and Chorus
These roles will be group singing
Trees in Forrest
Flying Monkeys (Youth)
Munchins (Youth)
Oz Beauticians