Cast of Melodrama

YEE HAW, YA'LL! [insert cheers] HERE'S THE CAST!

Full cast read through and meeting is at 7pm.  If you are out of town or unable to come [booooo], please email  And if you don't want your role, you best email Suzy and tell her that, too.  And we will hunt you down and fill your underwear with popcorn. 


Dan Belford – Stoddard Owens  

Cora Belford – Anne Flippin

Felicity Belford – Cassidy Brown/ Delaney O'Neal

Nellie Belford – Reagan Galyean

Snake – John Haspell

Professor Phineas T. Mack – Nicholas Dietrick

Des Berado – Micah Floyd

Oliver Sudden – Ryan Lambert

Drew Blood – Mark Lack

Cody Pendant – Jace Wilkey

Faye Tality – Kat Adams

Sue Fley – Chloe Husted

Shirley Knott – Chelsea Jones

April May – Cheyenne Kerr

Phill N. Good – David Engelman

Paige Turner – Ricki Galyean