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Be Theatre is currently searching for creative individuals or groups who would like to take on a meaningful, fulfilling job with us for upcoming productions. Positions are paid specific contract stipends (to be communcated with the Artistic Director, Elena Kent) but these are also jobs that take dedication, time and hard work. Hours are flexible as most work is done on your own schedule/time, although theatre rehearsals are in the evenings, so availability during specific rehearsal times is imperative.

To inquire about specific positions, please read descriptions below, then email Elena at for more information and to possibly schedule a meeting with the production manager.


January 29-March 2 Flexible, but is a big commitment during the 5-week process

Do you have an unusual knack for creative ideas to life? “Literature Alive: Dr. Seuss Storytelling Experience” is this year's partnership with Tom Green County Library.  In this free outreach event, we perform a minimum of 8 shows in one weekend and give a free book to every child who attends the event.

  • Creative requirements:
    Sewing is not necessary but it is a big plus for this show. However, if you do not sew, but you are a very creative individual, there are many volunteers that can help out if any sewing is required. Several of Dr. Seuss’ characters will be represented during the performance. While costume design background is not required, a creative person with a passion for bringing fabulous ideas to life is a plus for this position. 

  • Budget and support
    We have a good budget for Literature Alive, and most of the costumes can be pieced together through ordering online. Our costume person will work closely with people who love to help with this process (including the cast).

  • Time requirements 
    We usually have a cast of about 12 for Literature Alive.  The amount of time this takes depends on how fast you work and when it is convenient for you.  Costume Designer is expected to schedule measurements and fittings and attend production meetings (usually about 3 meetings during the 5 week rehearsal period).  Also, coming to rehearsals to take notes and watch is encouraged. Rehearsals are weeknights. 


January 22-April 21
Flexible, but is a big commitment during the 2.5 months leading up to opening night
Requires some evenings during rehearsal

Do you have a strange addiction to or Etsy?  Are you particularly good at helping your kids with crafty projects?  Do you love digging around in resale shop and cool theatre prop lofts?   Then this might be the perfect creative position for you!

  • Requirements
    The props person should have strong organizing and communication skills.  A specific list of items needed for the show will be given to the props person weekly, as well as communicated through messages and email.  Props for Godspell will mostly be items gathered through existing props we already have and a large amount of online ordering.   Setting up and preparing the backstage area for props storage is also required. 

  • Budget and Support
    As with any expenses during a show, Be Theatre picks up all expenses and presents a budget to our creative team.  There are many people who volunteer their time and support the efforts of the props person.   

  • Time Requirements
    Godspell is a 2.5-month rehearsal process, so the props person will be hard at work during this time.  It's flexible in that you can shop and order at your own convenience.  Rehearsals are in the evenings, so some evenings will need to be spent at the theatre with the cast/crew to get lists together and work with the props to make sure they are working well.  Properties Master is expected to come to production meetings (usually about 3-4 meetings during the rehearsal process).  Once the show starts running in production, the props manager will need to check in with the stage manager to see if any props are missing or need repair.   


Other available positions that require slightly less time:

January 29-March 2

Same skill set as the Godspell Props Master, but there will be less props needed for Literature Alive. However, there may be some prop construction/creation since we are recreating the world of Dr. Seuss, so creativity is a plus for this position.  

January 22- April 21

Since Godspell will be set in the present time with 'everyday' clothing, the time requirement is much less than Literature Alive.  However, we still need someone who will organize the cast and find specific items we need, as well as have a good creative eye for the entire vision/look of the show.