Melodrama Cast


Thank you for auditioning! We had a tremdous turn out and this was no easy task. Please email us at if you are not able to accept your role, or you cannot attend the first read through/cast meeting.  

First cast meeting and read through is Thursday, June 27 at 7pm in the class room at Be Theatre.  


Diamond Sinlace- Kimberly Kruz

Pearl Sinlace- Cassidy Brown

Ruby Sinlace- Jordan Perry

Scar D. Katt- Andrew Hernandez

Ace O'Heart-  Nicholas Dietrick

Mack Aroni- David Pedersen

Ezekiel Zacharis (EZ) - Stoddard Owens

Missy Demeanor- Kat Adams

Ginny Tonic- Arianna Gonzalez

Vin(cent) DeCation- Jacob Scott

Den(ise) Arrow- Desireé Townes

Bossy Betty- Sabrina Idom

Ivanna Greenback/Famous Duos-  Karyn Kuniyuki

Owen Greenback/Famous Duos- John Haspel