Popcorn Melodrama

The Beguiling Bootlegger
By Elena Kent, Carson Kent, Suzy Roberts
Music adapted by David Engelman 
August 2,3,9,10,15-18
In the Black Box Theatre

You Boo. You Cheer. You Throw popcorn. We clean it up.

Our season opener brings the annual summer tradition of cheering, booing and popcorn throwing back for a 7th year!  Set in the roaring 1920’s in downtown San Angelo in a scandalous speakeasy, a mysterious stranger wants more than just to offer illegal whiskey during the prohibition! Ms. Diamond, the owner of the speakeasy, has something this beguiling villian wants... and he'll stop at nothing to get it (cue booing and popcorn slinging!) This melodramatic original tale (that may or may not be true) is sure to bring side splitting humor along with shameless plugs and gallons and gallons of popcorn popped and ready to hurl at your favorite villains.  Ages: 10+ 

Complimentary wine and craft beer, consessions
Popcorn: Small $3, Large $5