Seniors 2020

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Diego will pursue his passion in psychology, musical theatre or ceramics following graduation. He has been  lighting up our stage this year in Young Frankenstien and was also going to be a featured dancer/actor in Wizard of Oz.   His energy and smile have been such a gift to us this year... we only wish we were blessed to have him on stage with us before this season! If you are ever blessed enough to know Diego,  you will never forget his infectious smile! 



Ashtyn will be attending Angelo State University and majoring in music education. Ashtyn is the daughter of Marcus and Keli Osborn, who have been a part of San Angelo Theatre since Ashtyn was a baby.   We've literally watched her grow up before our very eyes!  Ashtyn has been a stellar volunteer helping with youth summer programs, working backstage, ushering, managing popcorn concessions and so much more.   We will miss her helping hands and her amazing spirit to serve.  Ashtyn is one of the kindest people we know... such a sweetheart! 



Colton is graduating from Baylor University as a University Scholar Major with a concentration in film.   Colton plans on pursuing a career in film making and writing. He was a part of the dynamic duo of "Colton and Carson" in our 24 Theatre for the past 2 years.  We have been so blessed to have Colton as a guest during this event and can't wait to see where his creative talents take him.He is a kind, funny, smart young man and such a joy to work with during our event.  We can say we knew him when....



Carson is graduating from Baylor Universtiy from the Honors Program with a Bachelor of Arts in Professional Writing and Rhetoric.  Carson has been involved with Be Theatre since we started  in 2011, first  as an actor, but soon made his way to the creative side of development through writing.  We will never forget his talents coming to  the surface for the first  time as he created and wrote  his  role of  "Sheriff of Bo-Peep County" for  Literature Alive many years ago. Carson is funny beyond measure and a total joy to work with in any creative capacity.   After graduation, he plans to pursue a writing career in the film and television industry. 



Andrea will be attending the University of Texas majoring in Plan II Honors and Government.  She has played multiple roles during her time at Be Theatre including Pippi Longstocking (2013),  June (Gypsy, 2017) and most recently was cast as Dorothy in Wizard of Oz. We know she would have given an incredible performance as Dorothy and we are so sad it will not be happening in a full performance.  However, we have some plans to feature her beautiful vocals as Dorothy in an upcoming video so stayed tuned!  Andrea is a joy to work with and her incredible zest for live is magical to behold!


Kaylee will be attending Angelo State University and majoring in Kinesiology.   She plans to attend Grad school at Texas Tech and become an occupational therapist.  Kaylee has participated in our Literature Alive productions for several years, helping to create a magical experience for our youngest patrons!   Kaylee is so much fun to work with and has been a great leader in the cast as one of the oldest youth to participate.  She is super kind and loads of fun... we will miss her smiling face!