Shakespeare on the Concho



April 20-23 & 28-30
at 7:30pm
in our Black Box Theatre 

The idea behind Shakespeare on the Concho is that William Shakespeare was an entertainer. So, if his plays are boring or do not entertain there is really no sense in performing them.  Of course, people cannot be entertained if they do not understand. So, all performances are from adapted scripts, edited both for language and occasional content. You can preview and find out more about the shows we have done and upcoming shows each year on this website as well as find other resources about Shakespeare and his work. Our desire is to make Shakespeare accessible for the ordinary West Texan. No Elizabethan costumes are used the actors are only a few feet away and sometimes they may be right in among you.

Performances are in Spring of each year. Our Shakespeare on the Concho productions have a reduced ticket cost as well to ensure it is accessibe to all patrons. Please join us for a unique theatre experience that brings the works of Shakespeare to life in a thrilling and intimate setting.

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