Savannah Logsdon


Savannah Logsdon

Graphic Artist


Savannah resides in Los Angeles and is artist, a writer, a performer, and above all, a story teller. Savannah spent time acting with Be Theatre from 2011-2013 and was an important member of our team helping develop our youth programming as an art/theatre instructor.   In 2013 she moved to Singapore to study 2D animation at Lasalle College of the Arts. There she received a Bachelor of Arts (Honors) in Animation. During her time at Lasalle, Savannah studied under industry professionals, including Disney artists. Savannah considers the life experience and culturally exposure she encountered in Asia to be as essential to her craft as the school, itself. She is currently living in her home town of Los Angeles where she is involved in numerous lines of creative work. She is currently the chief publisher and animator for BUA Media. She also is a highly involved contracted director for the popular teen role-play app “Episode.” Savannah uses her spare hours of the day developing her independent animation work, striving towards her ultimate goal of creating and producing her own television series & film

Savannah was an Artist-in-Residence January through March of 2018 as she worked with Be Theatre's Literature Alive Project's Art Initiative sponsored by a grant from San Angelo Cultural Art Council.  Also during her time in San Angelo, Miss Logsdon played Molly in Peter and the Starcatcher. 

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