Summer 2020

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Be Theatre, June/July 2020

We have made the very heartbreaking and difficult decision to cancel group summer workshops and youth performances.

Children and teens have a very difficult time distancing.  It simply isn’t in their nature to stay away from one another.  This is especially true in a theatrical environment of togetherness and community bonding.   Theatre kids are known for their strong friendships and social acceptance, but with those unique qualities comes a closeness that is impossible to separate when they are together. 

The idea of asking our youth to “not be close” to their friends is the very reason we are suspending classes.  Our mission focuses on the process of theatre, which is heavily influenced by relationships with others.  Communication, singing, laughing, physical movement and game play involving close contact with others are a huge part of the learning process.  To  put distance between our students and eliminate the very heart of our educational approach compromises our mission and what makes our classes and youth education so special.  

In addition to comprising the learning environment, we believe when looking  at the number of positive cases still being announced in our community, the safest option for our young performers is to suspend classes this summer.

**We will be offering small learning sessions for technical theatre including board operations and programming (lights/sound) and  shop/set construction techniques.  Suzy Roberts will be working with 2 or 3 students at a time on aspects of technical theatre where social distancing is acceptable.  Those  opportunities will be announced via youth emails and/or text, so be sure to email if your child is interested in the  technical aspect of theatre and let her know to put you on the list.**

We miss you and we miss hugging you everyday!  We hope to be back this fall if the gathering landscape presents itself in a safe way.  Thank you for understanding. We love our youth kiddos! 

Be Theatre Youth Education team