Acting Technique Workshop

Acting Technique

Cassidy Brown  and Delaney O'Neal

3rd-12th Grades

Week 1: June 1-4 (4 days)
Week 2: June 7-11 (5 days)
Week 3: June 14-18 (5 days)

Take 1 week, 2 weeks or all 3 weeks. Mix and Match your weeks to fit your needs.  If you are a student in Into the Woods, this is a perfect fit to compliment the afternoon classes. See below for class break down by week.   All of the weeks will include exercises, games, and fun activities! No memorization will be required for this workshop.

Week 1: General Basics (June 1-4)
Monologues, technique, objectives, acting methods introduction (a brief overview of people like Uta Hagen, Stanislavsky, Stella Adler...)

Week 2: Scene Work (June 7-11)
Scripted scenes, improv, blank scenes, cold reads (and how to analyze quickly the information in the scenes), finishing the week off with an audition workshop.

Week 3: Overview of All Professions of Theatre June 14-18)
Focusing on prop design, costume design, and set/lighting/sound design.

1 weeks: $75- 85
2 weeks: $135-$145
3 weeks: $200

ENROLL BELOW! After you've paid tuition, please fill out the student form found here: STUDENT FORM.  If you are an Into the Woods student, you do not need another form.

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