The Wizard of Oz




Elena Kent, Artistic Director, explains the decision behind not rescheduling the show at this time. 

Not only have I have been asked this question a lot, I have also asked myself this question more than once. The short answer is, we cannot put a date on it at this time.  There are several reasons that factor into this decision. 

  • May-August: Summer may not look the same this year.  The timeline for the the city of San Angelo opening back up for large gatherings is quite uncertain. As of now they say May 4,  but this has changed many times. We want to be 100% sure our community is safe and healthy.   Also, if summer is promising, most of our young cast members have commitments June-August. 
  • Fall 2020: Wizard of Oz is partnership with Ballet San Angelo.  Ever year, BSA produces The Nutcracker in December... a beloved tradition that has delighted audiences since 1983. With ongoing rehearsals from September through December, it makes it impossible to produce Oz during that timeline.  Not only does it have an intensive rehearsal schedule, The Nutcracker and Wizard of Oz have similar production budgets, creative artists and performers.  
  • Spring 2021: As we plan our 20-21 season, we are looking at a season of recovery.  To be very honest, the necessary action of social distancing has caused an immediate and unexpected loss of revenue.  Oz is a big show with a big cast and an equally big budget.  As we see an empty theatre, refunded tickets, no fundraisers and no productions that can generate income, we must carefully look to the next 12-18 months (at least) as a time to produce smaller shows with minimal budgets; using as many resources as possible that are already in stock.  Big shows are fantastic and create a "WOW" factor we love, but there are small shows with small casts that are fun and meaningful, and that is where we plan to put our energy for the foreseeable future.  Be Theatre/BSA to committing to a large scale production next spring, when we are unsure of how this has economically affected our organizations, is not the optimal plan of action during a time of recovery. 

All that said, there is hope for the future for Wizard of Oz.  We will be looking at possible dates after the 21-22 season depending on how both organizations bounce back from the current health crisis.  Remember when you were little and you desperately wanted something?  When mom wanted to leave us hopeful, but realistic in light of uncertainty she would say, "No promises, but we'll sure try."  

Thank you for your continued support during this very difficult time.