Updates and Changes

This summer, Be Theatre begins its 12th year producing theatre excellence and leading wonderful outreach programs in the Concho Valley. But there are big changes ahead. 


Our founder, Elena Kent, has recently moved to Austin with her husband, Kevin, to explore opportunities in acting, theatre and art, as well as be closer to their adult children.  This departure means big changes for Be Theatre as we say farewell, not only to Elena, but to our Assistant Artistic Director, Savannah Logsdon, our Technical Director, Marcus Osborn and our Assistant Tech Director, Randy Galyean who have all put in many years of time, talent and dedication. Each of our departing staff is embracing their own life changes to accomodate more time with family as well as work commitments.  In addition, Suzy Roberts, formerly our Youth Director and Production Manager, moved last August for a career opportunity and to be closer to her daughter Caity, leaving us with a gap in the team (as well as our hearts!) These 5 artists are not leaving 'entirely' as you will continue to see them in the volunteer capacity, but they are opening the doors for future creative artists to take the reins of leadership in each of their positions. 


Keli Osborn, Business Administrator and Patron Services, is firmly planted in her role.  Mike Burnett, Director of B.A.D. Improv and freelance theatre designer, is enthusiastic about helping in whatever capacity he can as Be finds its footing. Dave Engelman, Caesar Martinez and Jared Capps are still working their positions and excited to see what the future holds for Be Theatre. In addition, Benita Graham is leading Literature Alive next season and Jon Mark Hogg is producing Shakespeare on the Concho.  Also, we have many dedicated volunteers who have wonderful artistic talents who are stepping up to say, "What can I do to help?"  

The Board of Directors is committed to seeing Be through this time of transition and is doing everything they can to help.  Karyn Kuniyuki’s talents are already beaming as she leads us through San Angelo Gives and works closely with the team to help in any way she can with her artistic expertise. 


In the 2022-23 season, our focus will shift to our outreach and fundraising programs. This includes Literature Alive, Shakespeare on the Concho and B.A.D. Improv.  We are calling this "Project 3" and it will be the primary focus for us next season.  As we gain new creative artists and experts, we will ad more projects along the way.  We will also continue to offer workshops and classes for youth on a year round basis as long as we can provide excellent instructors as we currently have on our team.

As we work through this transition, we ask for patience from our loyal patrons.  The season will look very different as we scale back.  It will not be possible to mount large musicals and shows without having the security of Artistic Directors and Tech Directors to make it happen.  This is where the opportunities open up to those that may be interested in doing more with Be Theatre! This is the time to step up and say, "I want to help" and offer your skills in the 2022-23 season.

We will miss the shows, our beloved Melodrama and 24 Hour Theatre as much as you, but you never know what the next 12-16 months may bring that will allow us to put these programs back in the rotation! So stay tuned!


This is the time to hold on to our mission and not be hyper focused on a ‘grand plan.’  If we focus too much on “the plan,” or “the goals”  it does not allow for the organic artistic growth for which we are known.  We must not let rigid goals and timelines limit the extent of our imaginations and our dreams.  Sure we plan a season, make sure we have our ducks in a row and check the budget to make sure we are financially able to make it happen; but besides that, Be Theatre has always had an openness that allows for new ideas and leadership to grow exponentially.  So while we appreciate those who say, “What’s the plan?” We also know we don’t always have an exact answer and that’s okay. 

The future is limitless for this little theatre that prides itself on individuality, creativity, trust and openness.  Change is hard, but it’s necessary.   

Thank you for sticking with us while we figure this out!  We’re here because of you, our volunteers, patrons and sponsors.  We are nervous… a little scared… and we don’t have all the answers.  But what we do know is that we’re going to be okay.

Please watch this video message from Elena Kent for more information about her departure.