Youth Workshops Spring 2021

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We are so excited to announce our spring session. After one full year of being on pause, we are ready to get back to work!  

Performing is an important part of self expression and building confidence. Equally important is building acting skills in mind, body and spirit.  Acting is not just about being expressive and having fun (which we do plenty of), it is also about learning how to tap into instinct and honesty as well as understanding physicality.  

This spring we are eager to introduce students to the study of acting as a skill that is both entertained through performance, but even more, a study of individual growth and knowledge best realized through intensive and rewarding classes.  

Masks will be required for students 3rd grade and up when working in class. For more about Covid policiies, please click here.

After registration, an email will be sent to you with a blank student information sheet that will be completed and brought to the first class.  


Ages: K-2nd grades
Tuesdays 3:30-4:15
Instructor: Roberta Stephens Satori
Starting March 23rd- May 4th 
Min:6, Max: 12

*Parent observation class is May 4th during final class

Class description:

This class will be about understanding the joy of feeling confident.  Students will experience a shared community where they feel safe to express freely and will be supported and honored both by their peers and by their acting coach. Acting exercises such as character charades and tongue twisters combined with stage etiquette and movement will broaden skills and build confidence.  Confidence soars when students explore creativity in fun away and in a loving environment. Come explore with Roberta in this fun, 45 minute class. 


Ages: 3rd-5th grades*
Thursdays 3:30-4:30

March 25-May 6th
Instructor: Roberta Stephens Satori
Min: 6, Max: 16

Showcase will be during final class on May 6th
*2nd graders may attend this class if approved by instructor. Email for more info. 

Class description:
Understanding and Appreciating Imagination can help young actors build skills in every area of Acting.  This will be mostly classroom communication acknowledging the power and beauty in our imagination and how it relates to finding character during stage performance. This includes working on the skills listed in the KinderTheatre class in addition to:

Minimal Monologue Memorization – Kids this age are often placed in roles that require great memorization.  For this beginner group to understand the art of memorization, they will be asked to work on small (3-5 line) pieces.  

Working in Two’s –Working in twos is an exercise working directly with one person working with another person.  This will be intuitive, using everyday circumstances to bounce back and forth dialogue that their imaginations supply.  

Mirroring – This exercise is used as a concentration skill and has proven to be effective.  It also helps to take some of the awkwardness of looking directly into the eyes of your stage mates away so that the urge to giggle or become unfocused goes away.  Being comfortable on stage is also the desired outcome of this exercise.  


2 Class options  (You can take one or both)
Ages: 6th-8th*

Min: 6, Max:  20
TUESDAYS: 5:00-6:30pm (Instructor: Caesar)

THURSDAYS: 5:00-6:30pm (Instructor: Roberta)

$125 each class
Class begins the week after spring break and ends the week of May 4th. 
Showcases will be during classtime on the final class day. 

*Younger students with show/class experience may attend this class if approved by instructor.

Class Descriptions:

Caesar's Tuesday Class:
Learn what it’s like to work as an ensemble! In this class, student’s will study fundamental acting techniques while maintaining working as an ensemble through devised movement, group scenes, script analysis, and more. These tools are useful for students who need to get out of their comfort zones in order to fully express themselves in a professional setting and take advantage of their creativity. Learn the famous techniques of Adler, Stanisvlaski, Hagen, and Meisner. Movement techniques students will study in this class are Leban, The Elements, Mask, Suzuki, and Alexander Technique. *Bring a journal, pencil, and comfortable movement attire.

Roberta's Thursday Class: 
This is the perfect age to learn some of the of the most important skills actors have in their toobox! This class will not only give them new ways to approach acting and theatre, but it will also lay a foundation that will help them in all areas of creativity.  Robert's class will focus on audition process, finding character, scene work (individual as well as group scenes) and movement with intention.  These are basic yet rewarding techniques that if honed early, can help the young actor proceed with confidence.  Roberta has many years of training that will be shared and enjoyed by all students in this class. 



Ages: 9th-12th*

Mondays 6:00pm-7:30pm
March 22-May 3
Instructor: Caesar Philipe Martinez
Min: 6, Max: 16

Showcase during final class on May 3.
*8th graders with show/class experience may attend this class if approved by instructor. Please email for more info. 

Class Description:

Want to study like legends of the stage and screen? In this acting class students will learn the foundations of acting and its history through scene study while studying and incorporating movement and voice techniques taught at renowned drama institutions around the world.

Learn the same techniques that great actors like Grace Kelly and Robert Redford used for both stage and film. Techniques that will be taught in this session are Leban, the Elements, Suzuki, Alexander Technique, Dialects (IPA), and the acting methods made famous by Stella Adler, Uta Hagen, Konstantin Stanislavski, and Stanford Meisner. If you’re interested in building an actor’s toolbox for audition and performance, sign up!

Bring a journal, pencil, and comfortable movement clothes. 

Our Instructors

 Caesar Philipe Martinez

Caesar will be returning to lead our Youth Education programming and continuing to teach with enthusiasm bringing his experience and knowledge to our program.  Caesar's full bio can be seen here

 Roberta Stephens Satori

We are so excited to welcome Roberta to our program.  She brings many years of experience both in teaching and performing, as well as extensive knowledge of specific acting techniques.  Roberta's full bio can be seen here. 



This summer, assuming the current pandemic is under control, we will produce a full production in the black box theatre featuring youth ages 8-18 in a 2-3 week workshop we called Youth Performance and Production Workshop. It is a workshop we have been offering not only since the beginning of Be Theatre in 2011, but it's history goes back to the first YPPW back in 2005 called "Children's Letters to God" which took place at Angelo Civic Theatre directed by Artistic Director, Elena Kent.  Our last YPPW was in Summer 2019 led by Suzy and Caesar. We've missed you all and can't wait to be back... this time welcoming Roberta to our team! We will announce our summer show and dates by Spring Break. Stay tuned!