Youth Workshops Spring 2024

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We are so excited to announce our Spring session and to continue to grow and engage our 'Be' kids for another year! 

Performing is an important part of self-expression and building confidence. Equally important is building acting skills in mind, body, and spirit.  Acting is not just about being expressive and having fun (which we do plenty of), it is also about learning how to tap into instinct and honesty as well as understanding physicality.  

This spring we are eager to introduce students to the study of acting as a skill that is both entertained through performance, but even more, a study of individual growth and knowledge best realized through intensive and rewarding classes.


 BEginners Theatre

Instructor: Ciera Juarez

Grades Kinder - 1st

Mondays 3:30pm- 4:30pm

February 12th - April 8th

Tuition $200

Max of 10 students

Class Description:

In class, we'll have fun learning...

  • Basic acting skills, such as how to use their voice and body to express emotions and tell a story
  • Simple theater games and exercises that help to build confidence and teamwork skills
  • Basic theater vocabulary, such as stage, audience, and script terminology
  • How to create and perform short scenes or skits using simple props and costumes
  • Introduction to different types of theater, such as plays, musicals, and puppet shows
  • Basic theater etiquette, such as how to be a good audience member and how to respect other performers.
  • How to work together as a team to create a performance
  • Basic prep on how to have a successful audition
  • How to use movement and dance to express emotions and tell a story


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Giggles & Gestures: Mime Youth Workshop

Instructor: Tate McMillan

Grades 2nd-5th

Thursdays 5pm to 6pm

February 15th - April 11th

Tuition $200

Max of 10 students

Class Description:

Mime is more than just silence; it's a burst of creativity and endless fun! Our workshop is designed to captivate young minds, encouraging self-expression and boosting confidence in a supportive and laughter-filled environment.

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Zombie Apocalypse Now: The Art of the Undead

Instructor: Mindy Matlock

Grades 6th-12th

Tuesdays 6:15 PM - 7:15 PM

February 13th - April 9th 

Tuition: $200

Max of 10 students

Class Description: 

Bring the undead to life in our eight-week apocalypse workshop! Running February 13 through April 9, students will visualize a world in the midst of an apocalypse, plagued by disasters, conflict, and ZOMBIES! Together, students will build the world up - and tear it down appropriately - through special effects, stage combat, and characterization.

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Our Instructors


 Tate McMillan
This is Tate's second year as a Be Staff member! Your kids are going to love Tate's passion for theatre and fun-loving attitude! Tate's full bio can be seen here
 Mindy Matlock
We are so excited to welcome Mindy to our program! She has a heart for children and knows how to make learning a blast! Mindy's full bio can be seen here. 

 Ciera Juarez
Be Theatre is amazingly lucky to have Ciera's bright spirit to guide these young artists in their journey! Ciera's full bio can be seen here.