Covid-19 update


Well here we are again with a “not-fun-to-announce-and-not-what-we-had-hoped-for” update from Be Theatre.

When we announced our season in late May, we did so with high hopes that the current state of the pandemic crisis would subside providing a safer environment for our staff and actors to prepare for the opening show, Edge of Absurdity.   Just when we were ready to begin working & rehearsing as a small cast and crew, the covid positive cases began to spike.  When we weighed risk and reward, we came to the swift conclusion that it is in the best interest of everyone involved to indefinitely postpone the opening show scheduled for July 31-August 15.  

SAPAC has strict guidelines for guests in place including masks and sanitizing protocol, and our Be Theatre seating has been updated to accommodate social distancing measures which keeps our guests as safe as possible.  But the reality is, our creative team, staff and cast are at risk because to prepare, we need to be together to rehearse.   Getting people together for rehearsals is not a safe option for us at this time.  (Actors need to be face to face where they can closely connect so distancing is not truly possible for us.) That said, without rehearsals, we cannot be ready to perform no matter what the covid situation is in early August. 

It breaks our heart to keep our doors closed, but the current state of this pandemic strengthens our resolve to be part of the solution and not the problem.  As we continue to learn about risks with this ever changing virus, we know one thing for sure, there are no guarantees.  So we choose to navigate with caution.  For us, encouraging our guests and members of our team to gather when the local, state and national government officals are asking us to avoid large crowds feels irresponsible.  

We believe art is essential for our souls and hearts.  Music, theatre and dance create a beautiful world where we tell stories, heal hearts, connect to others and help become more tolerant of differences.  But at this time, we must put our energy into the essential services and individuals who are helping us contain this very serious crisis.  So we will continue to create remotely,  offering ways to communicate and work safely. 

So here we are... announcing another disappointing end to an upcoming event.  This adds  to  the difficulties for local performing arts  as we rely on sponsors, ticket sales and workshops to keep our organizations alive.  We are treading water and worrying about the future of our theatre.  But we assure you are in the wings, waiting for the lights to come up.  We are doing everything we can to be back with you in the healthiest and safest way possible.

Fall workshops will most likely be online. We are looking into new platforms to support this endeavor and have some fun options we are researching. 

Thank you for your support of Be Theatre. We miss you so much! 

Elena Kent
Founding Artistic Director, Be Theatre