Covid-19 update


Be Theatre remains dark with thousands of theatre across the world.

Just a few weeks ago, we were faced with concerns about postponed performances, canceled shows and suspended rehearsals.  Now, we have finalized several decisions including the cancelation of the upcoming Wizard of Oz.  In  addition,  we cancelled our March/April B.A.D. Improv fundraising shows and auditions for Merchant of Venice. (The future of that show is still unknown but will likely  take on a different format to accommodate lost rehearsal time.)  At this time, Be Theatre is also closed for in person classes, but we are continuing to work with some students via Zoom. 

We appreciate your patience as we continually monitor COVID-19 through the CDC and Government offices. 

All businesses and organizations are suffering during this time.  These closures are creating not only a financial toll, but an emotional one as well.  We are not only mourning the loss of major productions, but the budgeted income from these shows that would have sustained us the remainder of the season.   We are asking our patrons and theatre family to consider donations to all local performing arts organizations when you are planning your giving for next month’s San Angelo Gives on Tuesday, May 5.   It is critical to help sustain us during this difficult time. 

Be bold, brave and fabulous... and be well, our friends.

Elena Kent, Artistic Director