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He is positive, kind, and gracious. Most of all, he's a warrior!

Zachary Sutterfield is a 2016 San Angelo Central graduate who is in recovery from a horrific apartment fire in San Marcos, Texas, that that claimed the lives of 5 people and critically injured Zach.  

Zach's recovery has been one of our outreach missions since the fire in July of 2019. You may be familiar with his name.  Our B.A.D. Improv team has hosted an event for the past 2 years (Labor Day Weekend) called "The Zach Sutterfield Improvagaza" to raise money to help in Zach's recovery and challenges he will be facing in the coming years as he adjusts to life after the fire.  Since August of 2018 we have raised over $12,000 for Zach's future care. 

Recently, Zach visited Be Theatre for the first time at our December Improv event! It was an incredible surprise for everyone! He is such an outstanding role model... his positiveity, strength, graciousness and kindness is contagious.   The video here was his 'thank you' speech he gave during our intermission. 

To read a July 2019 articleabout Zach and his progress in recovery, please click here. 
o donate to Zach, please email us for information!