Improv Festival


B.A.D Improv is proud to present the first Improv Festival ever hosted in the history of improv. We own it. We're the originators and everyone else is lying if they tell you they've heard of one or been to one.  

Also we invented improv and funny people. 

Also we won "Best Improv Team in the entire Universe" in 2020. Which is cool because there was (is?) a worldwide pandemic and nobody was performing and we STILL caught the attention of the "National Board of Improvisation Academy of the Foreign Media Improvisers Association of the World" and recieved this coveted award.

But seriously (because aren't we always?) we are having a full weekend of classes and performances that you don't want to miss!  We have 3 professional insturctors coming in from Austin to teach:

Long Form Improv
Short Form games/team
Musical Improv

Sarah Marie Curry and her team lead the classes that will culminate in a competitive show on Saturday, September 18 in the Brooks and Bates Theatre.  More info is coming soon about classes and how to register. 

Stay tuned!