Seat Sponsors

Thanks to donors

Thank you so much to those have purchased seats and made donations!  

Together, we raised just over $12,000 during this campain! Thank you San Angelo! YOU DID IT!  We are so grateful for your continued support. 

Kuniyuki Family 
San Angelo Area Foundation 

Sandy Seifert
Jon Mark and Claire Hogg
Ken and Lisa Roberts

The Bosequetts
In honor of Chelsea Jones- Leslie Jones
The Gargan Family 
Halfmann's Cake Cottage- Earl Mulley
Matt and Charlotte Lewis

In honor of Cassidy Ricci Brown- Lisa Brown 
In honor of Suzy Roberts- Laurel Scott
Laura Beth Calvert
Larry Hettick II
Larry Hettick, Sr. 
The Becker Clan
Elizabeth Kitch
In memory of Haley Frizzell- The Frizzell Family 
In Honor of Angelo Civic Theatre- Brent and Shelly Jenkins
Howard and Kay Dickens
The Figueora-Perez Family
Heidi Douma
Lynn Henrikson 
The Kent Family
The Trainer Family
Sherman/Gaston Family 
The Sutterfield Family 
Chelsea Jones
Kym Hart
NTex Machine- Jody Hart
Janie Houck
Robert Houck
Charles Blake 
Meador-Safont Family 
In memory of Earl Warren- Laura Beth Calvert
In memory of Rodney Seitz- Marcia Seitz-Ehler
Bar G Land & Cattle Co- The Guy Family 
Brenna Miazga
In honor of Be Theatre Youth- Suzy, Caesar and Buddy
In honor of LGBTQIA+ youth who find their home in the theatre- Collyn Glaspie
In Honor of Caesar Philipe Martinez-  Ana Cribb
Susan and Craig Kinney
In Memory of Jennifer Ryan and Juanita Osborn- The Osborn Family 
In honor of Dakota Wood-  Bethany Wood
Lori Barton 
In honor of Hannah Gibian- Sue Gibian  
In honor of Luca Delgado- Trina and Martin Delgado
In honor of Ellarose Delgado- Trina and Martin Delgado
In honor of Elena Kent-  Erin Lane
Gretchen Smith
In memory of Grandma Tex- Sandy Pedersen
In memory of Elsa Carsner- The Clay Carsner Family 
Christy Ross
Cecil Ross
The Jelenspergers
Erin Ashworth-King
David and Roberta Weaver- Tzigane Arts Productions
Beverly Osborn
Mark Osborn
In Honor of Curtis Price- Toni Price
The John Harvey Family
The Baccus Bunch
Jinny and Jeremy Swinehart
Josh Perry 
Suss (Rebecca Sussdorf)

Peggy Reeves
Ashley Pulliam

Stacy Arnold
Chole Casey
Jacob Scott