Things I Know to Be True

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Directed by Savannah Logsdon as part of our Director's Choice series.  Follow Savannah's journey as director by following us on Instagram at Be Theatre. 

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by Andrew Bevell

Rated R (for language and mature themes)

Performances: January 28-29 and Feb 3-6

Fran and Bob are two doting parents whose lives are centered around their four children. But when their children start facing complex life decisions, how will they cope? Are Fran and Bob ready for their children to make their own decisions? How will they manage their next chapter in life after the youngest child leaves the nest? Over a span of one year, for each season, one child tells their own story. Each season contains a crisis, a turning point and tough choices need to be made and the ramifications of those choices dealt with. 
This powerful family drama will tug on the heart strings, as it perfectly captures the trials of life, and the evolving love of family through it all.