Director Spotlight

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Season show #3

We are really proud to introduce the Director Spotlight series to Be Theatre. This is a way to highlight a talented director each season as well as introduce contemporary, lesser known plays to our audiences. 

Savannah Logdson is our Assistant Artistic Director with years of theatre experience. Savannah currently serves as the Marketing Director at Ballet San Angelo as well as supporting a career in art, graphics and illustrations/animation independently.  To read Savannah's full bio, click here!

Director Spotlight will follow Savannah from play selection to auditions and finally to the stage for production.  The process of producing a play is rarely highlighted, but we plan to follow her along and share her experince.  Her progress can be watched on Instagram by searching the hashtag #savannahdirects, or check back here for updates!









Things I know to be True
by Andrew Bevell

Rated PG-13+ (for language)
Directed By Savannah Logsdon

Performances: January 28-29 and Feb 3-6
Black Box at Be Theatre

Fran and Bob are two doting parents whose lives are centered around their four children. But when their children start facing complex life decisions, how will they cope? Are Fran and Bob ready for their children to make their own decisions? How will they manage their next chapter in life after the youngest child leaves the nest? Over a span of one year, for each season, one child tells their own story. Each season contains a crisis, a turning point and tough choices need to be made and the ramifications of those choices dealt with.